JackAce.com is launching our SECOND YouTube channel this week! Introducing the JackAce Tech Channel!

This channel will cover the broad topic of Technology, but will focus on Home Automation, Home Security, and Home Networking. And the inaugural video is a review on the Eufy Home Security Camera system, which I am using to replace my current home security camera system, Arlo.

I have been trying to implement as many Home Automation systems as I possibly can since buying my current home in 2018. This includes the SmartThings Hub, over 20 Z-Wave light switches, 7 Z-Wave deadbolts and door locks, 9 motorized window shades, 2 smart thermostats, and a 10 camera system in my house, just to name a few. This channel will cover the implementation and reviews of these types of items and more!

So please take a moment to watch the channel's first video.

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I'd really, really appreciate it if you did! Peace Out, donkeys! 🫏🫏🫏

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