31 May 2024

So, I recently published a few videos on how to solve the Rubik's Cube. In making those videos, I learned a lot of things, including that the way I learned may not be the easiest way to learn... But one side effect of creating those videos was a few ideas on how teaching others could be improved.

One of the stepping stones of the Rubik's Cube solving process is learning Move Notations.

I thought there were issues with the many different sources of images you might find online that show you each move. I wanted to improve what was out there for future generations of people who want to learn how to cube.

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7 May 2024

The onslaught of new features for the JackAce Roulette System Catalog continues! We're adding simulation results to the catalog!

These are the results of hitting various winning goals using the JackAce Roulette Simulator, which performs thousands of trials of the designated roulette system.

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24 Apr 2024

This month we've added a new feature to the JackAce Roulette System Catalog. We're adding ratings subcategories!

In addition to CEG's rating and my rating for every system, we will display the breakdown of the subcomponents of the rating. It offers a lot of insight into how the overall rating was determined.

The 6 subcategories for the rating are as follows:

  1. Betting Simplicity
  2. Progression Simplicity
  3. Chip Uniformity
  4. Jackpot Potential
  5. Scalability
  6. Comp Value
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25 Feb 2024

Here's a graphic used in my latest video on Craps. I was trying to best visualize the distribution of each point total.

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31 Jan 2024

So I've recently passed the California Real Estate Salesperson exam! I am now a licensed Real Estate Professional!

And I have to say that it was pretty easy using the sites and apps that are quite inexpensive and simple to use!

The two biggest tools I used were The CE Shop and PrepAgent.

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10 Jan 2024

I've recently launched a video series on how to solve the Rubik's Cube on my YouTube channel.

One thing you really need to learn if you want to solve the Rubik's Cube is the notations that are used when describing a series of moves you need to memorize. This can look like gobbledegook if you're unfamiliar with what the notation means.

Static Move Notation Graphic
This is an example of existing graphics demonstrating move notation

I've seen the move notations paired up with still images with arrows indicating the cited direction, but we live in a digital age, so I wanted to provide an animated version of this graphic!

So I've created a video that shows you each move! Here it is!

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19 Nov 2023

JackAce.com is launching our SECOND YouTube channel this week! Introducing the JackAce Tech Channel!

This channel will cover the broad topic of Technology, but will focus on Home Automation, Home Security, and Home Networking. And the inaugural video is a review on the Eufy Home Security Camera system, which I am using to replace my current home security camera system, Arlo.

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13 Nov 2023

I helped host one of the segments for the 2023 Craps for the Cure event at Casino Quest.

This event helped raise over $26,000 for Veterans suffering from PTSD with the help of Veterans Moving Forward, Inc., a 503(c) non-profit organization that provides service dogs and canine therapy services to veterans with physical and/or mental health challenges, at no cost to the veterans.

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