I helped host one of the segments for the 2023 Craps for the Cure event at Casino Quest.

This event helped raise over $26,000 for Veterans suffering from PTSD with the help of Veterans Moving Forward, Inc., a 503(c) non-profit organization that provides service dogs and canine therapy services to veterans with physical and/or mental health challenges, at no cost to the veterans.

In my time on the broadcast, I created a Craps simulator using Google Sheets, Google's web-based spreadsheet app.

The craps simulator spreadsheet is basic yet powerful, and it can be the basis for a much more complicated strategy with just a few tweaks. Out of the box, it supports simulating thousands of rolls and the Pass Line bet, but it could be easily modified to support the Don't Pass bet, the Field Bet, and even the Odds bets.

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This spreadsheet can be recreated from scratch using the steps illustrated in my segment linked above, or you can access it directly from my shared Google Drive folder if you're a Patreon member.

I'll also have a livestream where I re-create the spreadsheet from scratch for those of you who missed the fundraising broadcast, and there should be a follow-up video as well.

But I'd like to say thanks to all the creators in the Casino Gaming TV channel, especially Alex Kim and David Noll from Casino Quest, and John Cokos from Pro Craps who let me participate and help raise money for a great cause! It was great meeting the content creators for the first time as well as the subscribers!

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