Shorthand for the "Ace", often the most valued and highest ranked card.


An "Advantage Player" or "Advantaged Player". Someone who plays casino games with an advantage over the house or other players. Often used to describe card counters or skilled poker players.

back counting

Back counting is keeping track of played cards in blackjack without making bets on any hands, hoping that the player's edge will become positive so the player only makes bets when he has an advantage.

basket bet

Most sources use this name to describe the 5-Number bet in Roulette (covering the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3), although other sources state this is just a 3-Number Bet covering 0, 00, and 2.

case card

The case card is the only undealt card that will turn your losing hand into a winning hand. This usually applies to poker when you're drawing to a one-outer.

distributive property

The principal in Roulette that states that a single multi-number bet can be equally distributed amongst all numbers covered without affecting the win or losses. This is true for all multi-number bets except the 5-number bet.


The predicted value of a unknown outcome, calculated as the sum of all possible values each multiplied by the probability of its occurrence.


Fiat is traditional cash in a well established currency such as the US Dollar. This is opposed to cryptocurrencies, which are digital currencies, supported by a blockchain.


In Blackjack, you can make an Insurance side-bet when the dealer has an Ace showing. You get paid 2:1 if they have a 10 as their hole card (completing their Natural Blackjack). You can bet up to half of your initial bet.

large field system

A betting scheme where you bet on many outcomes where you win more often, but a smaller amount of money.


The Martingale betting system calls for doubling your bet after a loss, trying to chase a win.


A starting hand of 21 in Blackjack. Also called a "Natural Blackjack" or just "Blackjack". A natrual hand in Baccarat is a starting hand of 8 or 9 by either the Banker or the Player and no cards are drawn.

nullified bets

Bets that cancel out each other in Roulette. For example, betting $100 on Red and $100 on Black at the same time.

overlapping bets

A series of bets in Roulette where hitting a specific number results in multiple bets winning.


A computer algorithm used to pluck a random number out of thin air.

small field system

A betting scheme where you bet on many outcomes where you lose more often, but when you win, you win more money.

third base

The last seat on a blackjack table, usually the left-most seat when facing the dealer.

top line bet

The Top Line Bet is the 5-Number bet in Roulette (covering 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3) and is notorious for being the worst single bet in Roulette (-7.89% house advantage on Double Zero, and -10.26% house advantage in Triple Zero).


A whale is a gambler who likes to bet large sums of money. They are generally welcomed by casino staff.


Wonging is back counting in Blackjack without placing bets. Named after author Stanford Wong.