If you'd like Jack Haze to review your Roulette System, you can use this Google Form.

Make sure you provide the following information:

  • The Sexy Name of the System
  • Whether you're a Patreon member
  • Your YouTube or Patreon username or however you'd like to be identified
  • The Buy-in amount
  • The criteria for ending the session
  • The number of betting levels
  • The type of betting progression (Flat bet, Martingale, Positive progression, etc.)
  • Screenshots from the Roulette Bet Analyzer
  • A cool over the top story of how successful you've been using this system

Here are some tips for getting your system reviewed:

  • Come up with a good name
  • Don't make the system overly complicated
  • Be EXTREMELY detailed with your rules from switching from one betting level to the next. 99% of the time I don't review a system is because I don't understand how to jump from one bet to the next.
  • Include screenshots from the Roulette Bet Analyzer. The bets and the Win/Loss section should be supplied.
  • Join my Patreon! Fast-tracking your roulette system in my review pipeline is one of the biggest perks of becoming a "burrito" member!

Here are some more general tips for getting your system reviewed:

Even though the above video is for CEG submissions, there's a lot of overlap with my criteria.