There are insane bets and then there are DRAKE LEVEL INSANE bets.

Rap artist Drake is known for beting a high-rolling Roulette Player, but his Roulette session from mid 2022 was something that even the most experienced gamblers have never seen.

On July 11, Drake played Roulette with fellow high-roller Xposed on Twitch where he sat down with over $8 Million.

During this session, Drake was seen betting as much as $1 MILLION per spin and at one point, grew his bankroll to up to over $27 MILLION.

His most notable spin was a $1 Million dollar bet made up of 12 bets involving the number 11 Black.

The (almost) $12 MILLION WIN

And, wouldn't you know it...the 11 Black hit.

You WIN $12,960,000
Drake bets $1M and wins $11.96M

And if you're looking at the screenshot above and wondering why I'm not saying he won almost $13 Million, it's because of the way that reports wins in Roulette.

They don't show you the net gain. The show you the sum of money you get back in your account balance, so the +$12,960,000 win includes the original $1,000,000 bet.

And we can see in the stream that Drake is betting $1,000,000 on the spin because that value is displayed in the lower left corner of the game. But it's difficult to tell exactly how much was bet on each Straight-up, Split, Corner, Street, and Double Street bet that he made, because they only display the colored chips on each bet without showing the total value. Betting Layout
Enhanced depiction of Drake's $1M bet. There are 12 different bets that add up to the $1M, but it's not possible to tell exactly how much was placed on each wager.

The $1,000,000 Winning Bet

So, I hopped over to the JackAce Roulette Bet Analyzer to see if I could recreate his bets.

The Roulette Bet Analyzer is a tool I created that analyzes Roulette betting patterns and helps you eliminate bad bets such as the 5-number Top Line bet or betting patterns that have bets that cancel each other out.

Using the tool, I entered a few best guesses at his 12 wagers and I was able to find a combination that resulted in a +$11,960,000 win.

Drake's $1M Bet
My best guess at Drake's famous $1M bet

I figured that the bet was probably symmetrical in relation to the 11 Black epicenter. So all 4 Split bets were probably equal in value. All 4 Corner bets were equal. And the two Double Street bets were likely equal, too.

And since the graphic showed all purple chips, I figured the bet was a nice and even multiple of $5000. If it wasn't, then we'd probably see some yellow $1,000
chips on top.

The betting pattern above results in the net +$11,960,000 win when the 11 Black hits.

Drake also would have won +$4,400,000 if the 10 Black or 12 Red hit.

And he would have won +$2,300,000 if the 8 Black or 14 Red hit.

Here's a full breakdown of the wins and losses for this betting scheme:

Bets and Win/Loss Amounts for Drake's winning bet.
Win and Loss amounts for each result for Drake's infamous bet (in thousands) as displayed by the Roulette Bet Analyzer.

Expected Value and Comp Value

Expected Value

Calculating the Expected Loss for this spin is pretty simple. The house edge for Single Zero Roulette is 2.7%, making his expected loss -$27,000.

Comp Value

Since Drake was playing on an online casino, there's really no opportunity to earn freebies with Comps.

Comps are the rewards that casinos give players in exchange for their play. This ususally comes in the form of free Room, Food, and Beverage while on their property or sister properties.

And Comps are usually awarded as around 20% of the player's expected loss. If Drake had made a similar bet at the Aria, he would have received about +$5,400 in comps.

Other Combinations

It's possible that there are other betting patterns that would yield the same +$11,960,000 win, but it's not likely to be much different in terms of the other payouts.

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