On a recent episode of "Ask Michael Anything", I asked the "Wizard of Odds" (a.k.a Mike Shackleford) whether his Bitcoin withdrawal request was ever honored by Wixiplay Casino.

I discussed his problems with Wixiplay in my last blog post.

Shackleford confirmed that the site never paid him.

The Wizard of Odds, Mike Shackleford, confirms that his Bitcoin withdrawal request (about $500 worth) was never honored. The request was made over two years ago.

Shackleford exposed Wixiplay's "provably fair" dice game as being crooked over two years ago.

Shady crypto sites are another reason why you should maintain control of your cryptocurrency keys. Always remember, "Not your keys? Not your Coin!"

Also, I answered one of the Wizard's Peanuts Trivia Questions correctly! The question was "What is Linus and Lucy's last name?"

That last tidbit was neither gambling nor crypto related...just fanboying here... :)

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