I've been watching a lot of videos of Roulette betting systems by the CEG Dealer School and I often find myself shouting at the screen.

Some of these systems waste your time by making lots of small bets instead of a larger multi-number bet with the same payout.

Some of these systems waste your money by betting on more than 35 numbers at a time, resulting in bets being "nullified".

But worst of all, some of these systems have incorrectly calculated payouts, resulting in an inaccurate assessment of the system.

Introducing the Roulette Bet Analyzer

I've built a tool that will help you analyze your Roulette system and find any potential flaws. You can find this tool at


It's also available in the Roulette section of the navigation bar above.

This tool does the following:

  • Shows the total amount bet
  • Displays the Win and Loss results for each number
  • Displays the equity per number.
  • Displays a warning if you bet the 5-number "Top Line" bet
  • Displays a warning if you bet on more than 35 numbers.

Tool Sections

There are 4 sections to this tool:

  • The Betting Layout
  • Total Amount Bet
  • Win/Loss per spot
  • Equity per spot

The Betting Layout

To enter most bets in the tool, just click on the betting area where you want to bet and type in the amount.

$180 on Red
Making a $180 bet on Red

If you want to make Split, Corner, Street, Double-Street, or even the 5-number Top Line bet, you have to click in the area between the numbers. So if you want to bet on the 4 Black to 6 Black Street bet, you'd enter your bet between the 4 Black and the 1st Dozen betting areas.

$30 Street bet
$30 bet on the 4 Black to 6 Black Street

Total Amount Bet

This section is self-explanatory. It's the sum of all bets you've made.

$180 Bet
This area shows the total amount bet

Win/Loss per Spot

This area shows how much you will win when the ball lands on a specific number. Checking this will prevent incorrect payouts when you're relying on the system's author's math skills.

Win/Loss per spot for the $180 bet on Red
Win/Loss per spot for the $180 Red bet. Hitting Red results in a +$180 win. Black/Green results in a -$180 loss.

If you're trying to consolidate bets or spread out multi-number bets. it's good to check whether the payouts are the same for both betting schemes using these numbers.

If your original system tells you to bet $10 Straight-up on the numbers 1 Red, 2 Black, and 3 Red, you might consider betting $30 on the 1 Red to 3 Red, Street bet using the Distributive Property of Roulette Betting. Checking the Win/Loss per spot with this tool will give you some reassurance that your net result will be the same.

Equity per Spot

This area shows how much you could potentially bet on each number straight-up, ignoring all multi-number bets. This helps identify bets that you might be able to roll up.

If you have adjacent numbers with equity, you can figure out if there is a multi-number bet that achieves the same equity per spot after you consolidate the bets.

Equity per spot for the $180 bet on Red
Equity per spot for the $180 Red bet. This is equivalent to betting $10 on each of the red numbers Straight-up, according to the Distributive Property of Roulette Betting.


The tool will also warn you if you do either of the two big Roulette no-nos.

If you avoid these two faux pas, you will be the BEST ROULETTE PLAYER AT YOUR TABLE. If you engage in either of these two practices, you are making bets that can be improved with a different configuration of bets, reducing the amount of money you've bet and reducing the house advantage.

Never bet the 5-number bet!

The 5-number bet is the WORST bet on the Roulette layout. We've proven this in my post on the Basics of Roulette Math.

The 5-number bet is the only bet that pays off at a worse rate than the already horrendous 5.26% house advantage. For the Double-zero Roulette wheel, the house advantage of the 5-number bet is 7.89%. For the Triple-zero Roulette wheel (Why on Earth are you playing triple-zero? If you are, stop right now!), the house advantage is 10.26%!

Never bet the 5-number Top Line bet
The house advantage for Roulette is already shitty. Don't make things worse by betting the 5-number bet.

The Roulette Bet Analyzer will let you know if you've made this costly mistake.

If you really want to bet on these 5 numbers, you're better off betting on each of the numbers individually. For example, if you wanted to bet $36 on the 5-number bet, you could bet $7 on each of the numbers Straight-up instead. When you hit, you win +$217 instead of the $216 that you'd win for the 5-number bet. When you miss, you lose +$35 instead of $36. You'd be $1 ahead on every spin, win or lose. Want to check the math? Use this tool!

Never bet on more than 35 numbers at the same time!

If you ever find yourself in a position where you have money riding on 36 or more numbers in a single spin, then you've created a situation where your bets are working against each other.

Imagine betting $100 on Red and $100 on Black at the same time. When you hit Red or Black, your losing bet will pay off your winning bet and you will have a net result of $0. But if the ball lands on 0 Green or 00 Green, you'll lose the entire $200.

Surprised Pikachu
If you cover 36 numbers you might not have ANY way to win.

Sometimes this situation is not as obvious. Believe it or not, there have been MANY systems reviewed by the CEG Dealer School that do exactly this. In a system named "Diamond Heist", $45 was locked up bets that cancelled out each other when they hit, and lost when 0 Green or 00 Green hit.

Never bet on 36 numbers or more
If you bet on 36 or more numbers at a time, you're betting against yourself to the extreme point where you can never win and only lose money.

The Roulette Bet Analyzer will let you know if you've made this bone-headed mistake.

Congratulations! You've Created the Best Roulette System!

If you heed the warnings of this tool, you will have created the best Roulette system that isn't simply "Never Play Roulette". Just like every other Roulette system, your system will lose $5.26 for every $100 you bet!

You can also rest assured that your payouts are accurate.

In the future, I may add more features to this tool, such as showing exactly how to optimize your bets into multi-number bets, and more tooltips to show stats on each betting spot.

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Add a comment below!

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