Using flashcards is one of the best ways to master learning, whether it be for studying for the SAT, learning a new language, or just learning your times tables.

The same can be said for memorizing Blackjack Basic Strategy.

When I learned Basic Strategy over 30 years ago, I scribbled down the 250+ Basic Strategy decisions onto index cards and flipped them over one-by-one until I had all of the answers down pat.

Introducing Blackjack Basic Strategy Video Flashcards

With the invention of smartphones, you now have multiple options when it comes to rote memorization.

Not only can you listen to a Soundcloud audio playist to help you learn Blackjack in your sleep, but now you can learn Basic Strategy by simply watching videos on YouTube!

I've created over 300 short videos (around 10 seconds each) that you can shuffle to help learn Blackjack Basic Strategy. Each track corresponds to a specific player versus dealer scenario that you might find on a Blackjack Basic Strategy chart (e.g. "Soft 15 (A-4) versus Dealer 4"). The track will present the player's hand and dealer's upcard, and reveal the proper action (Hit, Stand, Double, Split, or Surrender) shortly afterwards. Treat each track like a pop-quiz and you can learn all 250+ decisions in no time!

There are 6 playlists that are separated according to the house rules you want to play against. Just select the playlist that best suits your needs and hit shuffle to listen to each track in random order.

Here's a sample of the 4+ Deck/Stand on Soft 17 playlist:

The Video Playlists

What if You Count Cards?

If you are a card counter who uses the High Low system, I've even made a playlist for the Illustrious 18 and Fab 4 Surrender deviations.

Other Flashcard Resources

If video flashcards aren't your cup of tea, make sure you check out the audio flashcards I've uploaded to Soundcloud. Play them on shuffle in your car or on the plane ride to Vegas!

If you Play Blackjack, You Should Master Basic Strategy!

Different methods of learning work differently for everyone. This type of learning may not work for everyone, but hopefully, it works for you!

Once you've mastered Basic Strategy, you'll be playing almost even with the house. Under most Las Vegas casino rules, their advantage is under 0.5%. That's less than 1/10th of the house advantage of Roulette.

And once playing perfect Basic Strategy becomes second nature, you can move on to card counting and becoming an Advantage Player! Basic Strategy is the foundation of all card counting systems, as you will rely on it for the vast majority of decisions.

How did you learn Basic Strategy? Are you still learning it? Comment below!