JackAce.com is an educational site teaching the donkeys of the world about gambling, cryptocurrencies, and mathematics.

Most topics will be at an introductory level, so you don't need to be a Mathematician to follow along. Most of our posts and videos will be an intersection of two or more of the topics in the Venn Diagram below.

Gambling, Crypto, and Math.


Sometimes the "gambling" includes gaming, games, puzzles, and gaming culture.


I don't plan on discussing things like investment tips at all. Discussions about crypto will generally be around the mathematics of crypto as well as security and news. I am currently running several Ethereum 2.0 validators, and I plan on discussing tips on managing them.


The "math" part of the site will also include software engineering and some discussions on technology.

About Me

Jack Haze is a Mathematician, Software Engineer, and Gambler.

Jack Haze been answering questions about gambling on the internet since the 1990s. He has been contributing to Usenet newsgroups (rec.gambling.blackjack and rec.gambling.poker), Yahoo! Answers (Games & Recreation - Gambling), and now Reddit.

Jack's Other Achievements

  • Got a degree in Actuarial Mathematics with a Specialization in Computing
  • Made some money playing blackjack
  • Made some money playing poker
  • Worked for two gambling sites for over 7 years
  • Wrote 4 gambling titles for the iPhone
  • Wrote 2 gambling titles for the T-Mobile Sidekick (Danger Hiptop) Smartphone
  • Met Young MC backstage at a concert
  • Published an article about a gambling site exploit for 2600: The Hacker Quarterly